There was You

Writer: Mariam El Sanabry

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

In the middle of my chaos there was you

A little white in the darkest room

I fell in love with the sight of you

How can anyone not fall for you

But I have learned denial since youth

And acted like no one is in the room

Keeping my cigarette close to my mouth

Sending a prayer with every smoke cloud

She got closer with no permission

I felt like I was a man on a mission

Don’t fall in love, it’s an order

“Hi,” she said, with the sweetest smile

Heck no, I want to make her mine

The next thing I know we’re holding hands

But I’ve got the honor to know the unknown

No one would notice

You have to get really close

Under those angel eyes I see

A little devil waiting for me

Wanting to be loved

In need of glee

I still kept my cigarette in hand

It’s hard having two addictions at hand

I pull it to my lips

Trying not to remeber her lips

This is our fate

I say with delight

Seeing her in her white dress tonight

Saying our vows

For our love that will forever last