The Photographer, the Mirror, or the Painter?

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Photo Credits: Cara @acaracollective

Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter? 

I asked them all the same question, 

None of them agreed on the same answer 

“Just go look at your reflection, and you’ll find the answer to this foolish question.” 

I looked at the mirror and I saw a dancer, but that’s not me; I am a hopeless romancer 

But maybe it was an ancestor whose dreams came to me after a life of disaster 

“Darling, no need to think. Definitely the painter.” 

I raised my brows; what definite retort.

“Did you even think? Your answer is too short.”

I asked her why “A painter draws only what amuses the eye.

He would never lie as he paints his muse. 

For more answers, you don’t need to pry.” 

She almost made me sigh and rest 

“Stop listening to their flim-flam. Look at this picture I took of a vast land.”

With a little baby spring lamb lying under the sun, you can almost hear the children laugh. 

When they asked for my own answer I said that “none of them ever showed me who I really am. I painted. I looked. I even took a selfie.” 

They only showed tiny aspects of me. 

The only thing that could see through me were the eyes of people who truly loved. 

So, whoever thinks they know you, they definitely don’t. 

They haven’t seen your smile Mr.\s bigshot 

So, stop judging when you look at the mirror, the painting, and the photo. 

With every feature you’re beautiful within .