Signs, Galaxies, and Luminaries

Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

ArtistAmr Gamal

What if i told you
that we’re all connected?
What if i told you that
the universe bestows us a sign;
You just ought to detect it.

Did you just catch my yawn?
It’s a sign that we could bond.

Is there one symphony & lyric
that’s bound in your head?
It’s a sign your inner self
desires to get your interest.

If you feel like a lonely star
lost amongst galaxies
it’s a sign you’re going false.
Use your illuminating joy as a compass;
let it guide you where you belong.

You’re feeling sick
don’t attempt to push it down.
The cacophonies bursting inside you
are only signs to help you now.

Don’t try to silence your storm,
for the sounds make you uneasy.
They’re only there to alert you
before you’re left broken down.

The signs surrounding you
aren’t at foremost too obvious.
Sometimes you have
to go through bankruptcy
​​​​​to find your true treasures.