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When Milkyway Magazine was launched in 2018, there weren’t any artistic platforms targeting Generation Z that allow them to express themselves. Therefore, Milkyway Magazine was created to become the space that is spacious enough to fit all the artistic youth.

Milkyway Magazine is named after our galaxy, which is the epitome of a space that fits all kinds of souls. 

They are the colors you think of when you imagine a galactic body or a galaxy

Check the application section for ‘Guest writer’. If it is not available, that would mean we are currently not accepting any future writing pieces until further notice.

You simply send in your writing, we only get back to you if your writing is not eligible to be posted. If it is eligible, it will be posted without us contacting you!

Depends on the number of submissions sent accordingly.

Simply tag us on a post using the hashtag #MWayCreators and tag @milkyway_magazine 

If your account is private, send us a dm with a screenshot of the post.

We are more than happy to repost your posts on our story.

Please check the website under the ‘Applications’ category to see the available positions.

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The job positions are voluntarily based. However, our great perks are: gaining experience, skills, teamwork and a great boost to your resume.

Nope, our content is bilingual where both English and Arabic are used. 

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