Art & Vulnerability

Writer: Farida Suliman 

Editor: Duha

Different Thoughts About Vulnerability

For years, the perspectives people have believed about vulnerability have been quite negative. Generations grew up opposing the idea of being emotionally vulnerable. These people believed in it being only a sign of a delicate and fragile personality. But are these perspectives even right?

The answer would surely be a no. According to several psychological studies, vulnerability is a form of emotional exposure. And even though people often associate it with risk-taking and uncertainty, that doesn’t mean it could be damaging.

Vulnerability can provide people with emotional strength and power. It can help people understand their feelings, open their minds, and express and communicate their thoughts.

Strength Behind Vulnerability and How Could We Embrace It

We can always benefit from this positive and inspiring side of vulnerability. As vulnerability allows us to process our emotions, share the thoughts and stories we have in mind, and take courage about our feelings and emotions.

Substituting the rejecting points of view with positive, and acknowledging one would be the first step we should take towards embracing our vulnerability. We have to accept our emotions and that the existence of them doesn’t mean we’re weak. That will help us work through our feeling and mental states easier.

Secondly, we have to approve of the idea of talking to other people; holding what’s bothering us inside would be more damaging. And there’s nothing as exposing flaws or showing weakness because all we share is our emotions and seek help from others.

Art’s Role in Embracing Vulnerability

Art is considered one of the most wonderful forms of expression. Artists always share stories and passion through their artwork, whether it’s a painting, a movie, a book, or a song.

The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Frida Kahlo, and Van Gogh, are all artists whose own personal life experiences inspired their different art pieces. And sharing this art didn’t only provide them with massive success; it also put them on a level of relatability with their fans and public audience.

Whether we are consuming or creating art it could encourage us to accept our vulnerability yet succeed with its existence.

I’d encourage you to journal your thoughts and emotions, talk to people about them, or turn them into art forms. This will positively affect you and make you appreciate your vulnerable states.