I Hate You, My Heart

Writer: Nada Elnady

I hate you, my heart. Wanna know why?

Because you’re mostly the reason I always cry.

You just don’t do your job the way you should.

I wanna get rid of you for good.

Your primary job was to pump blood;

To give my cells the oxygen they need.

Yet you make me an emotional flood,

With so little oxygen indeed.

You strangely always beat for him, 

Even when he shatters you into pieces.

You’re mostly the reason I turn grim.

You’ll be my death when my body ceases.

You seem to always beat so fast,

When his striking cologne hits you with force.

But you certainly knew nothing’s gonna last.

Thenceforth you broke and sunk in remorse.

But I know you can’t really help yourself 

When you sense his shadow passing by.

When you feel his presence behind the shelf.

So, you turn and look him in the eyes.

Eyes that are the strangest shade of grey,

A mesmerizing color that drives you astray. 

His charms attract you even more.

Your heart, from beating, became so sore.

For it doesn’t only beat for life. 

It beats for love and his existence. 

But one day we’ll see you holding a knife.

For you can no longer bear the distance.

For he chose another over poor you.

And you knew this from the very beginning. 

Yet you dreamed, hoping it might come true.

While he looks at her all happy and grinning, 

You’ve always been a hopeless one. 

For you always seemed to follow your heart.

Now they take that heart and crush it for fun.

While you wish you’d listened from the start.