Nights Like These

Writer: Aya Elsaiedy

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

It’s nights like these when I watch the clock ticking.
Off my medication, and sleep sounds like a challenge,
I stare at the walls, my thoughts on a rampage.
Questioning my purpose and all my decisions. 

It’s nights like these when he is up thinking.
Running his hands through his messy hair
In distress, loneliness, and despair.
A cigarette between his fingers
And a bottle of unreal solace when the pain lingers.

It’s nights like these when she isn’t out partying,
Wondering if she should pick up her phone,
And text the person she’s supposed to leave alone
Asking her if she wanted to come over.

It’s nights like these when she’s been up working.
Exhaustion visible in her eyes, and her hands shaking.
She doesn’t care about her health when it’s success she’s seeking.
She would give up her sanity just for a raise.
Even if she only sees through a gloomy haze.