The Power of a Good Book

Writer: Aya El-Saiedy

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

A cup of dark gloaming coffee
Between your fingers
In serenity, you recline on an armchair
Far away from populace and clatters.
Inside a world of your own
your reflections and sentiments are
on commotion and uproar.
You flip through the pages like you're skipping through doors.
Each door conceals a secret
Waiting to be told.
Getting attached to every character
When each one got a complexion,
They're protagonists of their own stories,
Not outsiders you pass by as you walk
Wondering what's on their minds.
Every chapter holds a new life,
a new light.
A light that captures all your senses
and flows through your thoughts.
It could appear materialistic
—mere ink and paper—
But underneath it all
Are galaxies of sensitivities
That speak to a like-mind.
That is the feeling of
Giving in to the power
of a good book.