My Reflection

Writer: Sarah Mandor

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

I still remember that moment
I cried my heart out
I looked at the sky
Asked him a hundred times why
My heart couldn’t handle the pain
I slept for days and days
I hated to wake up
I am too sad to face the world
My heart really hurts
I need not a doctor
My soul is only hurt

“This shall pass”,
They said
Days passed,
But I wasn’t healed,
I ignored it
I tried to get out
But something inside me was broken
I am no longer “me”
I can no longer see “me”
When I look at the mirror
I hated the face I see
I felt ugly,
But nothing changed
I am still the same woman.

It’s okay,
I let it hurt
I will be hurt today, too
And maybe tomorrow
And that is okay
I have to learn
Not to wait
Never again.

Today or tomorrow,
Maybe ten years later,
I would smile again
From my heart.

Maybe one day I will look at the mirror,
And I will love the reflection I see.

One day, I will wake up,
To a life,
I want to live.

One day, I will no longer feel
Not worthy anymore
Because then,
I will be at places
I belong to.

One day,
I will look at my life,
And for the first time,
I will love it
And stop wanting it
To end.