Cynic Allure

Writer: Menna Abdelfattah

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Photographer: Lân Nguyen

Oh so bright
 So glossy
So adorable

Such a looker a goddess in the form of a human.

That’s what’s usually accustomed with beauty.

Oh so freaky
So strange,
So weird,
So quirky
But what if, 

That’s the center of all things.

The beauty of who we are lies within.

Not the way we look is what defines our league.

For many were good looking,

But had done faults far beyond your dreams.

Never let that trustworthy grin earn your credence.

It lures its victims in a bloodhounding spree.

Unknowingly, it settles a print of trust on thee.

Slowly, pulling you in a downward spiral.

Full of cynicism and undoubted skepticism.

So, take into consideration what could be done.

For the Joker had always had a full blown beam but never a noble, moral dream .