It’s All Your Fault

Writer: Lamia Gamil

Editor: Doaa Saady

Artist: Randa Elhawry

“It’s all your fault!” They say.

Women are subjected to sexual and social abuse every single day.

A clear determination of war against human nature, consciousness, and dignity is being depicted before our eyes.

It is the sickest act of torture that humans ever utilized to affirm moral decay

Women screaming, pleading, and silently sobbing is becoming a pleasurable moment that many instinct-driven animals justify.

Her walk, the way she dresses up, and the way she talks are all direct invitations that are only conceived in the mind of a predator toward its prey.

What is the punishment for those who intensify women’s sufferings and confine their freedom under pretentious lies?

It’s time to make those untamed monsters pay.

Man and women are just labels to specify gender; don’t forget I’m a human as much as you are, from your brutality and cruelty I shall rise.

You have no right to my body and no right to enter the vicinity of my privacy; remember, for my rights I will always fight.

No, it is not my fault, and the way I dress, talk, or walk has nothing to do with you. If you decided to be an animal so shall it will be your right.

I’m not a prey and I am not created to exercise your sins on. I am here to live a life with dignity and honor.

“It’s all your fault”, they still say.