Nameless Cries

Writer: Esraa Bonna

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

If people hug just for three seconds, let ours last an eternity.
I want to feel your soul burn into mine and stay, be my drunken love and sobriety.
If you ask me if I’d choose coffee or tea, I will tell you that it doesn’t matter; I just want you to stain my mentality .

I want to drink in your words, touch, and voice. Don’t you get that your distance is a fatality?

And if you’re wondering, I am not talking to you, not only you.
It’s just that sometimes I am so lost in my head that it feels like learning to run before crawling.

I don’t know who you are or who I am begging to stay or show up, but when I go to bed without your embrace, it feels like falling.

I’ve been ripped apart and stitched back so many times that I am not sure anymore which part of me is doing the talking.

I am not trying to rhyme the words anymore; they just come together and create something out of my control.

On these sleepless nights, I find myself talking to you, crying out for your nameless self, it’s appalling.
Maybe you are every good thing I have ever found in a partner embodied, and maybe you’re the hope for someone worth knowing.
People, in my world, tend to leave, and I am hoping beyond hope that you are the one who’s staying .