Diminished Ambitions

Writer: Menna Abdelfattah
Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Patience is a virtue,
But don’t think it’ll always be there for you,
You wait for something so patiently,
Hoping it’ll turn out incredibly,
So you push past your limits,
Breaking your buttons in the process,
Imagining an outcome that is fit for that moment,
That moment you waited so patiently for,
Hoping you’ll turn out incredibly blown,
A virtual reality exists in your mind,
Embedding hope into your eyes,
Those eyes that are anticipating that moment you so wished for,
That moment that you waited so patiently for,
Hoping it’ll turn out incredibly pure,
That safe that stores all your valuables,
Was hacked by non-other than a criminal,
A criminal that is always seen as a hero,
But only a few witness what lies behind his mask;
A mask that has blinded all,
A mask that’s shredded many souls,
A mask that fit so well on the offender,
People deemed it a wonder,
Yet, only those that were full of resentment and despair,
Know that that beast can make you frail,
That beast turned out to be an angel in disguise,
It gives this feeling as if you are high,
Making you feel like you’re soaring through the sky,
And only when that moment you so wished for,
Doesn’t apply,
It slams you back down to the ground,
But it doesn’t stop at that;
It forces you to feel betrayed,
You were so elegant once,
Gliding in the air like a balloon,
Only to have it deflate you because you couldn’t stand your ground,
Diminishing you until you’re not found,
And then that moment you so wished for,
Turns out incredibly sore,
Giving you a new perspective of what is known,
For hope can be a hero or an angel,
But when it reveals its mask, you’d better be awaiting;
Cause that moment you so wished for,
Will be your worst call,
And in the end, you’ll go Boom!
Barging into the arena of the doomed.