A Message to a Lost Best Friend

Writer: Najm Beba

Days like these, laying so low on the cold floor

I stare at the ceiling thinking how I just crave to know you’re well.

To know that you might still be breathing in this small, huge world of ours. 

Staring at this ceiling, I’m crying from how I just miss you.

Reliving our last phone call, our last seconds together

How the world dug its teeth into our bones to separate us 

How the world put a thick layer of oil between our flowing hearts of water

How the world hit us from every side we had guarded in preservation.

Whether we liked it or not, we were forced into segregation. 

My Best Friend, you were my soul-mate.

No one was ever good to me as you were. 

And by every passing minute, I ponder over how much I still owe you. 

No one was ever as tender to me as you were, despite all my mistreatment.

You gave me all you could, and I tried my best to give you all that’s within me.

I wanted to protect you from all your mistakes. Kindle you with grace just like you were.

I went to my limits just to try to reciprocate all the vibrancy you showed me.

But oh, honey, how cruel the world is. 

Cold and rough, they put an insulator between us.

Warm and strong, our love is for each other, I know. 

We went through so much together that I know our souls will forever be intertwined.

My dear, Best Friend I pray that you’re still inhaling the same oxygen as this world.

With all my heart, I only hope to see you again one day, as long as I’m alive.

And I just hope, with all my might, you’re not buried under this cold floor.