Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

You’ve been behaving
awfully tough recently,
changing from a sweet being
to a perilous entity.

Eliciting smiles whenever you go
a joyous creature you used to be.
Words dripped from your lips
sweet and glazed like candy.

Now you’ve forced out a virtue
you yourself despise to see.
However, you wouldn’t concede it,
considering the way you propel yourself to be.

You force an act of rigidity
on all, even yourself.
You repress all of your sentiments
thinking they make you seem “vulnerable.”

The only place you seek validation
is where you facilitate your ego
by deluding and chasing after women
and hearing the cheers
of all your cruel colleagues.

You don’t value what you have
it’s all a mere competition for you
and getting what you want
is what you call the trophy.

​​​​​​I hope you wake up one dawn
and acknowledge that what you’re perpetrating
is never a key to prosperity.
And what goes around comes back around.
Don’t break someone, ’cause sooner than you know
you’ll end up shattered too.