The Journey of Reading

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain the feeling of …Reading

Yeah I know something as simple as opening a book and reading those arranged words ismiraculously hard to describe.

The feeling I get from accompanying each and every character on their journey is so specialand peculiar in its own way that I will always cherish it.

You know what is the difficult part of reading?

The difficult part about reading is the ending,

Or more likely when you close the book and sit there wondering and thinking, what now?

The difficult part

About it is when you’ve been crying your heart out, whether it’s a happy or sadending, and the book just ends.

Just like that,

With a snap of your fingers

It’s over.

Gone with the wind,

Gone with the blink of an eye,

The characters,

The journey,

The hardships,

The joy,

The excitement,

And most importantly…the love.

I would never in a million years do it justice,


Everytime I finish a book I sit there wondering and thinking about what happens next,

It’s a feeling that never gets old,

The happiness as well as the content I feel never gets old and never stops coming back everytime!

I could talk abt it for days and days without a tiny essence of boredom

Because what I feel when I read or when a book ends is the farthest from the word “boredom”

It’s all the love,

The passion,

The heartache,

The happiness,

It’s all the emotion mixed up in a blender,

It’s …home.