I Have a Flight to Spain

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

The day I took my revenge on you I thought I would cry

And I got surprised when those tears never saw the light 

Yet I felt that ache that made me once break

But I am doing this for my own sake

For the first time, I saw your feelings

It took me off guard as I stare at my old ceiling

My wish had been granted pretty late

But “better late than never” as everyone says

I wanted to see this just a year ago 

And even though you mean it, it just feels like a show 

So here I am hearing all your naked truths 

But baby that wasn’t so smooth

I never thought that someone would be so chaste

So I only have a thank you and a goodbye to waste 

Sweet sweet vermouth I missed your taste 

I should stop drinking before I decay 

But let me tell you what will happen the next day

I will wear my dress and go to that airway

I will do what’s right

And get on that flight

I can’t wait to see Spain

So, I’m sorry, you were just too late.