The Fear of Being Lost

Writer: Haidy Elwazeery
Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

The darkness is creeping in

It’s becoming your twin

You are trying so bad to hold it back

But let me tell you, there is no going back

That person you miss is no longer here 

You are all surrounded by fear

It’s not about the person you lost

It’s all about the fear of being lost

Your energy is now drained

And your soul got stained

You feel like the days are open-ended

You know your heart will never be mended

Standing on that rooftop

Thinking about how his heart had stopped

My cold heart ached in pain,

As I thought about all those moments that went in vain

Looking down and seeing how high I was,

The thought of jumping covered my heart with a gauze 

There was a war building up inside my mind

I was in fear that it would make me go blind

They said: There is remedy for everything except death

I didn’t want them to suffer the aftermath of my last breath

The darkness is creeping in 

It’s becoming your twin
You are trapped in a black room 

A room that lacks happiness 

Your energy is no longer felt 

Your soul is about to melt

You no longer have that smile

You no longer walk that mile

Your friends are your enemies

You feel like you have lived for centuries 

It’s that feeling inside of you

It’s those voices inside your head 

It’s depression, my dear friend 

And there is no end

So tell me:

Are you in fear of the darkness? 

Or can’t you bear being armless?