Not Forgotten but Embraced

Writer: Menna Abdelfattah

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Sorrow, pain and despair

Not forgotten but embraced

Reminiscing the past

When you were my backbone and call

When you said ‘we will last together’

When you held me so tight

Promised that it’s gonna be alright

I didn’t know then…

That these moments will forever be engraved

Captured inside that messy brain of mine

Burning my thoughts through every little detail

Reliving all of this binding pain

I didn’t know then…

That empty promises were made

You said we’ll constantly talk

But that was wiped the moment you fled away

The last time we talked

You wished for me to be OK

I got the closure I needed

Now I can be a better me

All this Sorrow

It broke me down

 But it shaped me into the way I am today 

So thank you for all the moments we shared

You changed my life

And you made me grasp the concept of self-care.