Writer: Shahi Ezz El-Din

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

She was cherry blossom.
Tender with a sense of Valery.
Just like water in a stream
Words left her mouth with scents of bliss
Wandering and fluttering
Until you threw her petals into the vast abyss
And went to find that lavender blue.
In a field full of fragrance,
A victim of misfortune.
Her fate was you
But blue didn’t satisfy your needs .
You were red with anger
And you never said please .
The outcome was an innocent purple allium,
With daddy’s temper and mummy’s breeze.
Then the player needed change
Though the baby girl wasn’t ready to be estranged
He left the family for a vanilla sugar
A hustler which left him with neither odour
Nor colour .
Played it right, needless to say.
She was from the south side of the border
The heartbreaker was abandoned,
with no cards left to play
Went to cry to his spearmint mother
Who gave birth to the man of the masquerade.
The deceiver.
The hypocritical imposter.
Now, darling,
As sweet as sugar can be
So shall you
But Harsh and bitter like vanilla.
Never let go of your liberty
As soft hearted as cherry can be,
At your time, you must bloom.
Leave when unwanted
Don’t stay like purple.
Don’t plea .
For every woman is a fragrance,
So delicate,
So unique,
But without a colonel frank,
The scent of the woman you are
Would be brutally misspent
Cherish your aroma.
Take solace.
Be free.
You are a priceless essence.
And only you get to decide
who deserves the intimacy.