We are Humans

Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Take a step back & breathe

seize the serenity of the outside
and listen to a cacophony deep within yourself

a cacophony that sings what it means to be
one in this world full of melancholy

where do we stand in this nation?
people of the same blood and sweat, we are
yet we swerve against each other
like it’s a war

a war merely between us and ourselves
a war made by us and our withering thoughts
when we forget that we’re the ones
in control of them.

it’s like we need to go back to the shelves
to remind ourselves of what’s basic humanity 
basic compassion and decency

not the faulty concepts
thrown into our heads
by a cruel society.
to remind ourselves of who we are;
of what we’re made of.

we’re no better than one another.
we appeared to this world together
and we will flee altogether.

what good does it do 
to look down on each other,
when ​​​​​​the light you put off in someone
merely dims your soul?

take a step & remind yourself
what it means to be human.