Writer’s Block

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

I wrote those before 
Some were happy, some were sore 
But I still want to write more 

The day I couldn’t write I stopped  breathing
The hot air was begging me to stop freezing
Some would call it a writer’s block,
But what should I do then at 3 o’clock 
Other than remembering some old days?

So I keep saying it’s just a phase 
I stare at the ceilings and count the days 
I seemingly hold the pen but is all in vain

I keep reading words I wish I would have written 
Watching funny videos of some kittens 
Searching for ways of a happy ending 
Rewatch movies I have been recommending 
Just to pass those dull nights 

Being a writer has its price 
If I zone out you should know
There are stories in my mind that I can’t ignore 
Once I hold my pen I’ll draw you the words of pure brutality
Another drawing of some fantasy 
A world which you have never imagined 

I’ll bring back the ones you’ve loved
I will kill the ones you hate 
Anything you want I can create 
And even though I hate my writer’s block 
It gives me time to go out and look 
Outside of my mind where I am lost 
In to the real world where I can be found