Dreary Ocean

Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

we exist in a world
where countless people
are drowning in a vast, dreary ocean.

an ocean in which fate
must have abandoned them
for their lives to end in this very way.

take a young man
with a bent soul,
a torn heart, and disrupted thinking.

all he is is wretched and vulnerable.
you might very well be able
to plant seeds of doubt within him.

effortlessly pushing his buttons
and going over
his most delicate spots.

molding him between your fingers
as he follows along in turmoil.
caged in his turbulence,

unable to make out
what’s wrong
and what’s right.

feeling the wreckage
of following your orders
running through his veins.

it’s eating him up like a poison
with a slow impact
as he waits for it to finally kick in
so that he may awake from such befuddlement.

it is the ocean of vulnerability
and collapse
into deceptive, false beliefs.