A Writer’s Game

Writer: Menna Abdelfattah

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Artist: Shams Elkamash

Imagination so active.
Inspiration so pure.
Maybe I have to be the one to find a cure
To find a cure to this brute
This brute that calls itself insecurity.
Taking advantage of my vulnerability. 
It drives me to timidity, anxiety and uncertainty.
But to be cruel,
It is the best way to get rid of this active rule.
To be healthy and true, 
You have to get yourself moved.
Moved away from all those clouding thoughts.
“Worthless, inadequate, fake,”
Those are the words that make me break
They could turn even the most pure soul astray
So when turning those words to a writer’s game,
You write your words onto a clean page.
Hence, you reboot yourself once again.
You feel your chest void of hate
And your mind is finally sane
Your thoughts, now, are not the same
You were once called lame, lousy, and vain.
Now you are cool, brilliant and worth a say.