A Thank You Letter to Me

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Photo Credits: Jake Thomas Parker

Let’s agree that we are not angles

I am not perfect, I admit

I don’t have clear skin on most days 

Sometimes, I feel obese 

Too pale with dark eyes 

Should I change my shirt size?

In the midst of all the self-judging, 

I forgot to start adjusting

So here is me apologizing 

A thank you letter.

Dear me, 

I thank my body for being healthy and not weak

I thank my mouth for allowing me to speak

I thank my hair for keeping me warm

I thank you brain for the power of thinking

I would also like to forgive myself

I forgive you for hurting me

I forgive all of your mistakes

And I will do all it takes

To make you a better version of me

Take this time to heal,

Use this minute to breathe

Call your friends and live free

Go dance near this tree

Don’t listen to the whispers surrounding you 

You have your own crown 

Lick that ice cream and freeze 

Eat whatever you want to eat

Life is too short to just eat lime and tea

Oh, and listen to the most import thing 

Love as much as you can

Don’t hate; just forget and get a tan

Live here and there 

Travel the world,

Then, I will wait for you to come back home

With love, me.