Our Living Society

Writer: Menna Abdelfattah
Editor: Abdullah Sobhi

Shine brightly like a diamond, they say

But when you try
They put you down
You become a victim of mockery 
Crashing your high hopes down 
So you’re left with broken hope

And countless ideas gone
They say
Live a life
Live it right
Don’t miss a ride
Full of adventures and mesmerising nights
But when you try
They put a line you can’t reach
And set boundaries you don’t dare to breach

Destroying the courage you once had
And forcing you to live like a butterfly without its wings. 
They say
Be kind
Be gentle
Be a ray of sunshine 
But how can I do that
When they all live in a cycle of self-hate
Not only that
But they always take out their frustrations on the most genuine person out there
Whether we try to help or not
They don’t care 
Bullying you to the extent of their desires 
And you end up being another person with self-hate
In the end, they all spread their loathing
Affecting everyone with their envy 
Then the child becomes cold-hearted and misunderstood 
And we wonder whatever happened to that innocent boy
That once saw the world as rainbows and unicorns 
But now sees it as a red rose with its spiky thorns.