Writer: Farida Ahmed

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

“What‘s your favorite color?” I asked.

I don’t just taste colors, but I rather feel them from within me, too.

Red is hiding weapons under the lace scorching red dress and swinging to the beats hotly in a high floor ceiling under the lingering stares of my lover.

Blue stings. Blue is my toes pruning from the time my body was killed under the waves, while herds of non-toxic jellyfish wash ashore as the glacial cold Piña colada surge down my esophagus, raising the contrast between my insides and the sultry waves that embosom all around me.

Green is aimless strolls through a heavily branched forest, stumbling over random twigs as glistens of sweat trail down my tanned forehead. Green is closure filling hopeless lungs.

Brown is the sun hastily stealing glimpses at my resting frame, and I lose myself within a labyrinthine of words that sail out of the seas that spiral in my veins.

Unlike many, black was never my sad color. Black is the universe and the skies and the whole damn Milkyway. Black is the perfect notion to make your contrast prominent. Black encompasses the chaos that’s incorporated inside me.

Pink is dangling legs out of Ferris Wheels’ seats and saccharine hot pink cotton candy dripping on the side of my mouth.

Purple is the color of extravagant royalty dream. Purple is the color of my fire.

Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow tastes so foreign yet so comfortable on my tongue. Yellow is the color I see my dreams in.

Fun fact: Yellow was never my favorite, but when he said his favorite color is a shade of yellow, I swear the whole world just reflected a million beams of yellow from every aspect.