Purple, Yellow, or Green

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

It’s the color of lavender.

The sound of dignity. 

The taste of royalty.

Furious as red,

Calm as blue,

But don’t underestimate its view. 

Rarely found,

It’s how castles are crowned.

It’s the girl who says “smile, you’re beautiful.”

And while she is twirling, you’ll hear a musical,

The light of the sun,

The feeling of heat,

The sound of laughter,

The taste of lemon.

It is the happy child you look after,

It mingles between orange and green,

It makes you feel free,

But watch out to what it can do,

It can ruin the painting,

Or it can be sustaining.

It’s the little boy saying “I’m all warm and fuzzy” to his mother. 

Look further and you’ll find a tree,

the sound of harmony,

The feeling of being free.

It’s the old couple rocking in their chairs,

Repeating their vows to each other every day.

“Just as the grass grew, we did. Just like the bees love grass, I love you”

Each color is unique 

You’ll find them in all boutiques 

But listen to what I can guarantee 

We are all human, with different shades 

Some are furious, some are scared 

Embrace your color 

Even if it’s not purple, yellow, or green.