Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: M.

It was a sleepless night indeed 

The sun and the noise I greet 

I sit hearing words from my phone

I can’t make them out at all

I send a message seeking help 

Maybe someone will get how I feel 

Different faces different scars

Same anxiety same world

It seems it’s not only me who has drowned 

A lot of friendly souls I see around 

Some survived and some still on the battleground 

Fighting for control 

Lost souls, maybe just like me

Mother, father please help me

I realize no one hears me 

I must let my voice be heard 

I gripped the phone and wrote my heart out 

“I don’t how to love or hate

I feel like an ugly mistake,”

Denying replies were sent to me

Maybe I do live in a fantasy 

“I don’t want to exist,”

But I don’t want to die

I can’t even cry 

I drowned deep this time 

Several hands reach out to me

They take my hand and pull me from this dream

They are no heroes, believe me 

Normal humans like you and I 

They are survivors of this cruel world 

Survivors from their dark minds

Survivors who should forgive their mistakes 

Survivors who I look up to

Maybe someday,

I too will become one

I will be a survivor.