Pretty Girls

Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Surrounded with those pretty girls, doing strange things, always glossing their lips within a conversation 
and swaying their hips as they make an intervention 
taking a glimpse of their phones every few moments
what matters is the number of likes and their comments
gossiping and gossiping to hide their insecurity 
and it never fails to make them laugh,
when you can keep your purity
is it love? is it lust? is it a sense of vulnerability?
it seems that they live with fear and uncertainty 

Day to day, there’s a new guy; she leaves her friends ’cause she puts him first
but when he decides to break her little heart,
she crawls back, and starts to cry
a moment she’s in tears
mascara melting down her cheeks,
claims to have moved on the next
​​​​​looking all that fancy and had gotten dressed
it’s all one maze with some kids in a daze