What is Love?

Writer: Lamia Gamil

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Let us raise a glass or two

In the commemoration of Valentinus, a tribute that is long past due

He lost his life for Julia, the jailor’s daughter

Claudius, the roman king, proclaimed a man in love will never escape a slaughter

Valentinus found nothing more worthy to fight and die for than Julia, his love

For one felt heart beat is what only a dead person is void of

What is this thing that can stop worlds and reshape others?

What is this thing that can turn prisons into havens and capture one’s heart like no other?

What is this unworldly bound and force of energy that breaks and redefines all sensations of joy?

This thing that demolishes laws of human desires and common sense and the loss of it opens doors to self destroy?

It is the one thing that redefines human power and resilience of pain

It is the combination of invincible defeat and unmatched gain

It doesn’t need a golden arrow and bow to fall deeply in love

It takes two pure hearts to create a life element that is no less essential than air

The greatest love stories compose the sweetest symphony that gives true meaning to our being and makes us live to dare

Let’s raise a glass or two

For the love stories that lived and died for this pursue

Happy Valentine’s to the people in love, to the people who cherish love, and for the people who are fetching for this one good heart that matches theirs.
Love y’all