Writer: Anthony Salandy

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Sitting along the rural boundary
That exists between each and every field
No matter how similar or benign,

I question why we live in these encasings
So structured to divide us all
Through the geometric designs of men

And women too
Who seem all too concerned with
The division of power and control

Over land that no one truly owns
In much the same way that life ends—
So too does supposed ownership.

But along these divisions
I drive from time to time along
The weathered and worn road

So marred by the pouring
Of the autumn rain which bares down
And collects along its cobbled sides,

But I drive on
For I know I have time to keep too
Along the winding country road

Which goes through now barren roads
Along the once flowing river boundary
Now thinned by the hands of humanity,

But now night takes over the fields
Where silent rain becomes hoary
In the now late autumn

Where my journey ends
Along the rural boundary
Where nature ceases

And urban decay increases.