Calm Down

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

“Calm down.”

I hear a voice.


I know this sound.

I can’t look around.

“In,”  I try to understand.

“Out, ” I am on the ground.

I blink and blink.

What happened to me?!

A flashback.

She swore at me.

“Calm down. “

He is louder now.

“Please believe me,” I begged and cried.

I really need someone by my side.

” I don’t deserve this,” I claim aloud

To the only person I can be selfish around.

“What am I being punished for?!”

That caught him off guard.

“I believe you now please calm down.”

Breathing in and out,

I follow his lead.

He helps my weep 

With sweet words that made gave my cold eyes some heat.

My heart and its racing beats

Slowing down,

Allowing me to know

What is happening in this fucking world.

Please tell me you would never go.

No lies; I hug my bear.

No lies; I lay in bed.

No lies; I can not breathe,

But he worked out on calming me.

“In and out again,” he taught me.

“Go shower and pray, ” he gently whispered.

“You’ll be okay.”

I breathe again.

He is soothing me.

I don’t remember at all

What he said as I fall,

But it calmed me.

“I am fine now,”

I was convinced.

What else do I say?!

“Thank you.”

What else is there to say?!

“Thank you.”

I know what to say.

It’s the first time 

That I let myself be

Weak to the person infront of me

“It’s good to cry,” he continued.

It’s been long since I cried,

And Finally I feel alive.

I am able to breathe –

All Thanks to thee.