Writer: Raghed Hamza

Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

The spider that trundles to the naked eye

Is but a rapid flash of black to the tiny fly.

A man that chops off the ivory of her young

Is but an impediment to the elephant’s tongue.

Our very own sun, blazing so far away

Is but a dwarf to the merest of remote dwarves*.

The illuminous pulsar*, pulsing with every day

Is but a dazzling meal for the Centaurus.

But we walk the earth as its rulers,

Eagerly satiating our desires and humours;

But like a fly caught in a webbing muck,

We are trapped on this floating rock,

Unaware that a single meter of maneuver

Whether it be a star or a revolver

Will blow us all to oblivion


Away, from the prime meridian.

Dwarves*: Dwarf Stars.
Pulsar*:  A small, dense star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation in a pulsing pattern as it rotates.
Centaurus*:  Considered one of the largest 88 constellations.