Sanitizer – A Poem

Writer: Kushal Podar

Photographer: Melvin Sokolsky

The following poem is written by Kushal Podar, one of our Twitter Competition Winners!

The woman holds ‘This Area Has Been
Sanitized’, forgets to put it down.
The man wears a plague mask.
The woman’s one has an abstract.

A train leaves platform Seven somewhere.
I mean I do not know why I hear the track,
announcements, people rushing, waning,
gone, when nowhere near the restaurant
a station says Welcome and Goodbye at the same time.

Time uses the restroom. Piss looks like its blood-work.
The woman orders a salad that has everything
not devoured by the locusts. The man desires an ocean.
A waiter who keeps his distance shakes his head,
“That’s been banned from circulation since
they tested the fishmonger and found positive.

I use the fluids from my eyes to wash my hands.
More it stings more it feels decontaminated.