A Peaceful Call

Writer: Lamia Gamil

Editor: Maram Mohamed

Artist: Basma

Peace be upon you

Can’t find more meaningful words to start with other than those simple words.

They are simple to say, yet hard to practice.

Who is right and who is wrong, and to whom does the land belong?

With blood, the history of this land was written. Pain, agony, and torment have lined every page threading the story.

As nefarious as it was and had always been, today, it is called the deal of the century.

Kids dying here and there, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, expulsions, shooting, demolitions, destruction, air strikes, bombing, thefts, oppression, and racism.

What a great victory, another chapter of shame has been added to its history.

It is true that the scenery depicted ugliness in its most gruesome form, and the sound of mourning and outrage broke every barrier to hit nothing but our hearts.

As ugly as it was, something white was left to create the most beautiful backdrop.

Behind the scene another picture was created.

People of the world spoke of a brighter future. Vivid colors of blossoming hope were flagged here and there.

People decided to fix what individuals have spoiled.

People understood the importance of unity, and the importance of their humanity.

God in his book said, “O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into races and tribes, so that you may identify one another. Surely the noblest of you, in Allah’s sight, is the one who is most pious of you. Surely Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.” (Quran, Surah El Hujart, verse 13).

Who are we to divide and control? Who are we to restrain and oppress? In every national anthem, freedom is called for. Who are we to strip it from others?

It is both our fault, their fault, and neither of our faults

This land is Holy for a reason, it’s Holy for what it resembles.

On its walls unity is engraved. And nothing will cease fire, but true faith and the end of the spread of hatred that is passed from one generation to the other.

Let the past heal with forgiveness and peace.

Let us accept the good and evil with equanimity to write a new chapter that speaks wonders of humanity.

Jews, Christians and Muslims, we were never created to become rivalries.

We were created together to use the colours of love, unity, peace, hope and strength.

There is no victory in the absence of honor

Peace be upon the people of the world