Why am I fascinated by you?

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary
Editor: Amal Magdi

Why am I fascinated by you ?! 

When I know I am not the one for you. 

We are the sun and the moon,

Waiting for the lunar moon.

Meeting once and for all.

Waiting for eternity and beyond.

For that one dreaded red conclave.

But for I know it won’t last,

I stayed away and at last,

My brain stopped wondering around,

But the question I still ask:

Was it love or dispatch ?!

So I got used to missing your light,

Although I remember it every night.

You made me look so bright,

When I was just reflecting your sight.

I used to hear you whisper at set 

Saying “I want to fill your holes and make them lit.” 

And when we finally met 

The planets would come and greet 

And we’d enjoy the warmth of your heat 

Let’s hold our hands and pray all day 

To share this light in every way 

And make galaxies take our love 

As the greatest tragedy that was ever told 

When two hearts loved one another 

And figured they had to say goodbye 

So their heats ached upon a tear and a sigh 

Just like Romeo and Juliette died 

Even when they were still alive 

Hoping they could live and thrive

But couldn’t stand this world

Without the other around to behold.