Don’t Cry Like a Girl

Writer: Lamia Gamil

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Artist: Malak Raslan

Disclaimer: As this poem is going to be a bit controversial, and the reader might find some of the language a bit provoking, I would like to make it clear that the purpose of this poem is not man-hating. On the other hand, I would like to thank all those who embrace gender equality, whether it’s the head of a country, head of a company, head of a household or head of any entity – big or small. In addition, this poem is covering a wide range of topics relating to women’s struggles around the world, and so it’s not confined to a certain segment of society.

If a year-long pandemic has brought about a new normal to our world,

why can’t discrimination against women conjure a long-lasting, circumvented halt?

It’s an unjustified societal rift.

“Don’t cry like a girl”, speaks nothing but if a mental twist.

What more proof do we need to grant women their natural rights?

Why is it perceived as a conundrum, or more accurately, a fight?

We know that we are capable, history books have documented it all

We just have a lot to give to run this ball.

In every field and in every position, we have given it our mind and soul

If we talk about the present, the heads of Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Finland and others are willing to share their success stories with all.

We are in it to win it together, and suppression of one another is an inevitable source of downfall

We don’t need no superiority, we don’t want to control the world

All we need is the freedom and equality that will bring together a shattered whole

A whole that has been fragmented because of the selfishness and foolishness that procreated a segregating hole

We know, the route to reach our rights will never be a scenic one at all

But this call will never perish; it’s not because we want to have the upper hand or take one’s place, as many proclaim

It’s because we know our value and what impact we can create.

Don’t let our physical appearance and the untamed desire of yours make women’s presence a shame

Let’s consolidate our differences and unite our strengths to preserve our world.

Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, we will create wonders and rewrite what was once blurred.

Let’s build generations that do not frame females as dolls and males as their masters

We want real change, we’ve had enough of puppets and actors.
We don’t just want to be a point of discussion on a meeting table, that many sympathize with and others overlook.
We won’t settle for an equal future only in the COVID-19 world, that will only ever be praised in a book.
We want a real change that will benefit him and her, and allow humanity to appear in its purest qualities.

Purple, green, and white are colors that give us hope for future possibilities

Let’s write a new future that knows no language other than equality, justice and dignity. Let’s embrace all colors and dismantle the notion of impossibilities.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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