Into a Writer’s World

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Doaa Essam

Some of us write because it’s a gift,

Others write because it’s all they have to give,

We write to let you know how our feelings constantly grow.

When we stop writing you can take a guess,

It feels like a man who stopped playing chess,

It may feel like a damsel in distress.

And then words start to flow,

We don’t write we simply let them go.

After we finish, we read our words,

Maybe we will understand what we feel,

Maybe it’s a cry for help someone will hear,

Maybe it’s a love letter sent to you,

We know you will never know it’s specifically for you,

Maybe it’s an apology for those we once hurt,

Maybe it’s forgiveness for who hurt 

Us once.

Oh, and as you read we will take you to wonderland,

You will hear magic words when we wave our wand,

You won’t know where you are as we land,

A mystery so hard to understand.

Writers will give you a free worldwide tour,

But there might be sadness you won’t endure.

And if someone trusts you with their words,

Thank them and give them all your trust,

For a writer only speaks the truth,

For a writer is always alone on the roof.