Written by Mariam Badr

Edited by Ahmed Ashry

Graphic designer: Maram Mohammed

i haven’t showered in three days 

because i don’t want your smell off my skin 

just a few more hours of the memories 

don’t judge me, it’s not a sin 

and three times i hesitated 

had second thoughts about brushing my teeth 

for i could still feel your lips on mine 

and i didn’t want the taste to leave 

two weeks since i’ve washed your favourite hoodie 

although i wear it every night to bed 

i can’t have you in my arms as i sleep

so i cuddle your sweatshirt instead 

seven hours since i left my room 

we’ve been on the phone for six 

i don’t feel the need to eat or drink

i could spend the rest of the day just like this

two whole months since i cried 

i had broken down in tears in the rain

you held me tight and kissed my head

and didn’t leave me till i was okay

i guess where i’m getting at is this: 

time is nothing when it comes to us 

and when i say i’ll love you forever 

there’s nothing more in the world you can trust