My Intoxicating Pills

Writer: Nada El Nady

I was a book of empty chapters;

You were a pen with flawless ink.

I was remnants of broken shatters;

You were the days I would bethink.

I was the pricking thorns on roses; 

You were the soft petals of flowers.

I was the fights and the opposes;

You were the quiet, golden hours.

I was the dark demons in heads;

You were the beauty found in hearts.

I was strands of silken threads;

You were a needle sewing its parts.

I was a whole new kind of war; 

You were a truce spreading the peace. 

I was an ocean wrecking the shore;

You were my temporary release. 

I was the pain of life combined; 

You were a cure to all the ills. 

I was a girl with a love so blind;

You were my intoxicating pills.