The Writer’s Spirit

Written By Noor Walaa

Edited By Ahmed Ashry

Art By Mariam Elnady

It all starts with an ache,


You are out of it. 

Words start flowing, 

In and out of your eyes 

And into your heart,

Before they are ever to be on paper. 

Some are lost with the wind,

While others are merely for your eyes, 

For your heart…

 At that time,

 A movie plays in reality,

 And nothing is but magical-

Everything is vivid, lucid.

Love is in the air,

The sun, the old buildings, the pigeons,

And the angle through which all is seen

I got sucked into a movie,

And drowned into another,

More beautiful reality…  

A relief…

Like putting off fire with freezing water,

Like a physical pain, suddenly gone

It felt heavenly,

Like earthly paradise…

The world was purified, 

And time was no longer in a rush.

Feel life…