Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall,

I am not going to ask you who is the fairest of them all

No, I have another question

What do you see when I look at you?

I can only spot my reflection

Full of imperfections

A spatter of acne on my cheeks and two crooked teeth

Spots of hyperpigmentation that appeared on my sixteenth

Dark under my eyes and brittle hair despite my care

So tell me,

Mirror mirror on the wall

What do you see when I look at you?

The mirror cracked with rage

This is all due to age

You beautiful human, let me tell you what I see when your eyes meet my void

I see a struggling woman

Whose face speaks of her journey and whose smile is superhuman

I see skin as fair as it can be given your daily herculean tasks

I see you standing tall without thanks

So perhaps

Just perhaps

You can reassess and then address why you feel so small in the face of a reflective wall.