Epitaph to Maryam

Writer: Anthony Salandy

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Art: Anna Sidi-Yacoub

In days where scorching sun

Beams down on the scarlet road

That simmers under endless heat

Is where I found Maryam

Long before I found myself

And indeed before I found peace-

With the pain that consumed my being

Each day in the crimson walls

Of my personal hell

Where I was left to wonder just why

I must sit in search of an education

Which left me devoid of individuality,

But for everything it took

Maryam would give back to me

As if renewing a sense of peace

That I had never truly known,

But as I discovered myself

The dusty skies changed-

And so did she,

For in the sweltering coast

Of my childhood was a divine spirit

Tormented by her own pain

But still giving on to others

As each closed mind leeched-

On the pale skinned girl

Whose golden locks shrunk

And whose heart ached-

With every encounter

Deep in the high stoned walls

Of a bloody red education

Stained by repressed children.