The Sun is on the rise

Writer: Nada El Nady

Photographer: Nagham

I look up to the sky

I see the smiling sun

Just standing there up high

To say the day begun

It brightens up your life

It livens up your day

It rids you of your strife

In every possible way

I then look up again

I see the grayish clouds

Lashing out all their pain

People run into shrouds

They hide from all the tears

Drenching their precious land

All the pain of these years

That no one can withstand

The clouds are just like me

Drowning in a pot of grief

Yet the clouds are always free

Where their pain is only brief

Unlike me in several ways

I’m always captured here

I never saw those rays

I’m always tied up by fear

I look up one more time

I see the glowing moon

Glorious up until prime

With stars around all strewn

Though the moon is full and bright

The sky is still so dark

The moon can’t shed some light

To cause the sky to spark

Yet my gaze falls on something

That’s glinting far away

With my heart constantly thumping

I keep my vision that way

I focus on the gleaming object

Till I finally realize

This is a ray of sunlight

The sun is on the rise.