Love Made the Danger

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Roses are red 

Violets are blue

He broke your heart 

That’s all he can do

He did not know what you can do 

Now he is a man damned for doom

Let your curse torture him 

Let his wounds open 

Let him taste from the same glass

 That you’ve drowned in

Let him taste the blood you bled 

End his sins and greed 

Teach him a lesson to never forget 

Fill his dreams with uncertainty 

Teach him the proper way of treating a lady

To Make her his first concern in his life 

Make her a priority not a choice 

To Fill her eyes with love and rejoice 

Since his manners are underground

Teach him what happens to a man 

When he mistreats a lady

And after his punishment is done

Let go of what you shouldn’t have done 

You loved him a little more than you should have

You’ve learned your lesson never fall for a man

Who loves you for himself and not you

Who is selfish and never thought about you 

Love and never fall 

Love the one who is always there 

He’ll always be behind holding you as you stare 

At the great paradise that he made just for you ahead