Writer: Aya Elsaeidy

Editor: Doaa Saady

Clocks are ticking, 
and time is passing
Too stagnant yet too rapid.
Plants are wilting
and senses are crumbling.
She sits in stillness, 
battling internal violence.

Applying a speck of lipstick
and clean it off right away.
Want to look pretty
but for what purpose anyway?

Staring into the mirror
wondering if that's the right complexion.
Something feels off, 
but nothing looks wrong.

What's a decent response
to "are you okay?"
When you can't even place a finger
on the threshold of the case. 

Paranoid of her surroundings
​​​​​​but everything looks the same.

It feels like a maze
Mixed a chess game; 
you can't find an escape
and you're your own checkmate.

Still gotta hang on, though
all it takes is time and 
it will be gone before you know.