I’m a Zero

Writer: Jana Amin

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

She has all the high grades
Yet she is still a failure
She got the money and the life position
But she has never heard about feelings
But I didn’t care
I loved her more then the colors
So why does she love maths more than me and my colors?
Dear, doing sums and equations could be a solution for some problems
But not ours!
We’re all halfs, and you were my other half.
So why are your eyes not sparkling?
Why is your heart not beating?
Why are your eyebrows frowning?
Why? But I think i know why
Your studies were in their place
That everyone is totally one by their own
We weren’t halfs
You’re right that you’re whole
But I’m not; I’m a zero
For thinking for a while I could be your half