Have we met before?

Writer: Farida Ahmed

I barely know you, yet your face is so familiar.

I have a habit of picturing people into words and forming them a whole new life from my imagination. And I couldn’t find the perfect figure till him. A delicate cigarette lied in between his fingers, as if there was no care in the world. Just the huffs of the toxic fumes filling his lungs with black smoke which I feared will corrupt the whole system all together. Even with the horrendous habit he possessed, I couldn’t quite ignore how his jawline accentuates with each inhale and exhale. The way his brown unruly hair was blowing just the way it was supposed to. The way his curls are swept to the side, his lips are tagged upwards in a heart melting smile while shouting playfully in a deep accented voice

He’s difficult to understand yet so easy to unfold. He doesn’t show much love yet he’s made up of much affection underneath. He has that troubled aura around him yet he may be the only one that can calm your storms. He may lie yet he’s like an open book. He’s kinda a paradox yet, a very beautiful one. So I couldn’t stop myself. And the last thing I know, I’m standing in front of him.

“Have we met before?”