To anyone who is wondering if write about them, I do

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary
Editor: Ahmed Ashry

A singer hides behind melodies

An actor hides behind lies

A writer hides behind words

I am a writer

A simple reciter

I speak of the dead and the lovers

A romantic undercover

I hear for the deaf

I tell legends and myths

I tell the tale of how they loved one other

Of how all he had is his mother

Of how that man forgot his own daughter

Of them fairies and bloody blood suckers

Still I barely tolerate reality

Living the same day again is pure brutality

Nostalgia is my adversary

Are you still learning the ABC’s?!

I am already writing about how you fell for me

Mark that if I ever love you,

You will never die I promise you.

My lips are sweet,

But have you read what my hands write?

I let what loves me engulf me;

What hates me never inundates me

And I pay the price of my heart’s lust

As I feel every little injustice

In a world that I always knew

I never belonged to

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong

You and I will sure get along

And to anyone who is wondering if I write about them when I am alone,

I assure you, you are not mistaken.